We all know the obvious factors one would want when it's time to go on the hunt for a new employee for the team - intelligence, skill set, great personality traits, etc.  Recruiting can be tricky though - what about the less obvious factors? What about analyzing what your workforce needs before you actually craft a job description? What about the word choices you might need to get the right person? Are you inadvertently creating a bias in your job post language? Are you accidentally missing out on a talent pool that would contain just the right person?

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting is the only comprehensive recruiting solution that helps you attract and engage top talent, select and hire the best-fit candidates, and then measure the business results. When integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development module, it's especially effective as the best candidate for the job you are trying to fill might already be working for you.

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SuccessFactors Recruiting