Social Media - the New Norm

SAP Jam integrated with SuccessFactors delivers social collaboration where you work. You can connect customers, partners, and colleagues with information, applications, and processes.  All participants collaborating to solve business-critical problems and to drive results.

Team Collaboration

You don't want your employees to discuss a work problem on Facebook. Nor does anyone enjoy an endless email stream with a long list of "cc's".  But imagine a closed, yet cloud based, social media program that allowed your entire team to pool their intellect on how to approach a company challenge. Sometimes two heads are better than one - or more than two.

Team Building

We live in an increasingly mobile world that allows companies to employ a remote workforce. Sometimes there are just a few members of the team working remotely and sometimes it is the whole company.  SAP Jam is a great tool for helping your team tap into that office camaraderie vibe without having to be in the office. Office camaraderie can increase workplace satisfaction and provides a vehicle to cultivate the corporate culture and values you want to promote. Even if you use it for team spirit building - "name the front office plant" or "what should our mascot look like" - your company workforce will enjoy collaborating and bonding with their peers with SAP Jam.

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