Why Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc.?


SAP Gold Partner.

We are not just their partner - we are your partner.   

How? We have qualifications that make us unique as a SAP Partner.  Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc. goes the extra mile to make sure you are getting the highest level of quality.  Our consultants have the highest level of experience with SuccessFactors and with the HR/HCM industry.  Having a software expert is not enough - you need a company that has real HR experience.


We are where HR and SuccessFactors Come Together

Maximum Benefit:  With Cloud Consulting Partners Inc., you will maximize the performance of SuccessFactors – and therefore maximize the performance of your employees. You can't afford to have 50% of your software optimized when you want to get 100% out of your talent.  We maxime optimization of SuccessFactors to achieve your goals so you get the maximum out of your workforce.


Expert Knowledge: We are HR experts with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of HR.  You need more than a configuration company - you need a partner that understands the challenges of HR. We know the HR workplace stresses that keep you up at night.  Additionally, we are SuccessFactors experts with 25+ years of collective experience. Thus, we ensure you get the most out of each module, integration across the modules, and integration with your legacy systems.  Our CEO, Amy Grubb, literally wrote the book on SuccessFactors.


Strategic Vision: We take a strateSAP SuccessFactorsgic view of your company’s needs, so you get the right solutions – not just for today, but for the future.


Comprehensive Services: We work with you from start to finish through our comprehensive service offering. We offer Process Design, Implementation, Training and Change Management, Post Go Live and Ongoing Support services.


Varied client base: We leverage proven best practices from small business to Fortune 500 companies. We have worked with them all, and across multiple industries.


You are the priority: We place the highest priority on what is best for our clients. We are not afraid to refer or collaborate if it will maximize performance for your company.


Our solutions empower you to become a strategic part of your company’s success.